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The development of Lingua

The language sketched in the book contains only these constructions which were necessary to illustrate the “reverse methods” of designing languages and building programs. However, to further exploit both methods, our language should be enriched to some more developed version, say Lingua-α, where some preliminary programming experiments could be performed. Such a language should cover in particular:

  1. The mechanisms of object programming which in the book have been only sketched in Sec.9.
  2. Some more specific data types, e.g. trees that in the Polish version of the book have been sketched in Annex 1.
  3. A substantial enrichment of SQL mechanisms.
  4. The elaboration of HTML scripts.
  5. The extension of the languages of conditions and thesis sketched in Sec.8 of the book.
  6. Sound program-construction rules for the extended language.