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Part I – Introduction

This section introduces the reader to the world of Teal ideas from both a social and a business perspective. Mind that in the Teal world, the division into “social” and “business” is to a large extent blurred. It turns out that the realization of social values is the shortest way to economic effectiveness, and, on the other hand, in order to carry out the social mission from one’s own work and not from government subsidies, it is necessary to develop appropriate means, and thus to achieve economic effectiveness.

In part I, I have listed examples of organizations that can be treated as Teal models, although each of them differs from the others, just like one turquoise differs from another. In this case, I have followed the path recommended in modern education, where we first show the task — in this case, creating a Teal organization — and only later we present the knowledge and tools necessary to complete it.