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Part IV – The road to quality

As I said earlier, all the examples of unsuccessful implementation of total quality management (TQM) known to me came from the belief that such implementations can be limited to “staff training” in procedures and tools. While TQM’s founding father Edwards Deming has consistently emphasized the importance of building the foundation of partnership and trust, many managers are tempted to limit the implementation to what is the easiest, namely the tools. And the fact that such an approach turns out to be ineffective, they blame on what they believe to be a well-known fact, namely that “people are what they are”.

Therefore, I decided to talk about quality management only after I had presented the reader with the principles of good communication and effective building of positive motivations.

In this section, I have included basic knowledge of the principles and tools of TQM, which also includes organizing quality incubators. The latter constitute a “superior form” of quality circles known from literature and practice.