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Part III – Building motivation

The most harmful myths in modern management practice find their place in misguided leadership, including the so-called motivation systems. Although the knowledge of the subject has been quite extensive for more than half a century, its awareness is often at the lowest possible level — I don’t know that I don’t know. This translates into a common belief that people are lazy and dishonest by nature (besides us, of course), so you need to drive them to work with a carrot and stick (everyone except for us, of course), and at work you need to discipline and control them. This is the style of management that I call violent.

Part III abounds in numerous examples of negative effects of violent behaviors, but also contains specific indications on how to replace violence and control with partnership and self-responsibility. In particular, I discuss the method of financial management without budgets treated as contracts.

This section also includes the basic principles of process management, because it is a model in which a superior stops giving operational orders and becomes a leader of ideas and a mentor.